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About Us is owned and managed by Biz Guru Ltd, incorporated in the UK We are a business, IT management and marketing consultancy. Biz Guru Services has many years experience in business strategy, marketing and change management with companies of all sizes in numerous countries. During this period we have gained expertise within the internet environment, particularly internet marketing and company establishment. All of our consultancy services and products are based on established consultancy methods that we have tried and tested over more than 20 years. We use proven quality methods to develop and promote your business. Our products are devised and designed in house by our skilled consultants.

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The Biz Guru


The Biz Guru, a prolific writer, writes regularly on business strategy, development and marketing. Lee Lister – The Biz Guru is a prolific article writers and a published author. She also provides a Biz Guru Agony Service for new and improving services. You can see her published books here.

The Biz Guru

The Biz Guru is the director of Biz Guru Ltd and has over 25 years consultancy experience. Her team or business writers, marketers and sales staff, come from a range of business backgrounds. Biz Guru Ltd pride itself on individual attentive service using tried and tested methods which have been perfected over many years management consultancy with companies of all sizes.

We have over 10 years ecommerce experience. We do not promise riches for little effort, but the opportunity to establish your business on the internet or within the “real” world, within your budget.

All of our services and advice are clearly and tactfully provided and we always work very closely with you, so that your business planning or marketing always reflects your business and how you wish to manage it.


Biz Guru Ltd provides Business Planning and Marketing Services for businesses seeking to establish, differentiate or improve themselves within a crowded and rapidly changing environment. We will:


Business and Internet Marketing Informational Products

We sell great informational and training products to help you improve your business, internet marketing, life and your career.

Rather than offer you the same ebooks that you can find everywhere, we trawl the web to find brand new, useful or unusual informational products that we believe will be useful to you. So useful that we use them ourselves. We also write a great deal of them ourselves!

We also use our 20 years business experience to write our own informational and training products. They hold our own copyrights and are published under the brand names of:

Biz Guru – ‘Selling the hottest informational products on the internet!’ for our informational products. You can see our range of informational products on

PowerPacksThese are our packs of products, information, ebooks and sometimes web sites around a theme. They offer a complete solution and are a phenomenal bargain – designed to give you all you need in one PowerPack! You can see all of our PowerPacks on as well as on numerous individual web sites.

OnTrack – “Training at your own desk in your own time” for our training products. You can find all our CD based training courses at

JobSuccess – Career based products which can be seen on